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The most accessible bus in Euskadi

The new Xorrola Bus service in Oiartzun, completely designed and developed by CuadraBus, is the most accessible and pioneer bus in Euskadi.

Adapted for persons with reduced mobility, the design of the vehicle includes information services for unseeing people using Braille system. The major innovation is the incorporation of the T Mode and the SIO device audio warning for stops.

During the route of the bus, the T Mode emits an audible sound over the earphones to warn deaf people of the arrival at the stops. While the SIO device, activated by each user, warns over the public address, of the vehicle the name of the stop to unseeing people (in this service the system is recorded in Euskera).

The constant training of drivers and auxiliary personnel together with the technological development of the Xorrola Bus guaranteeing the quality of this service pioneer in accessibility.

Xorrola Bus is also committed to the communication and interaction with the installation of WiFi and informative TFT screens on board.

Further information in www.xorrolaautobusa.com

The most sustainable urban service in Euskadi

Herribusa, the urban service project fruit of the joint venture of the Bergara Town Hall and CuadraBus, has LPG propelled busses, a silent and ecological fuel pioneer in its usage in Euskadi that represents a 50% savings compared to petrol.

The service formed by two busses in operation –a third in reserve- covering the two circular lines that link the centre with diverse points of the villa. The busses have room for 24 passengers (12 seated and 12 standing) and are adapted for persons with reduced mobility.

More information in Herribusa

La Arboleda – La Reineta

Since 1 March 2012, we offer the service between La Arboleda – La Reineta, a 2 km route without stops.

We connect La Arboleda with the funicular of La Reineta everyday of the week, including holidays.

All the information on the Euskotren website