The Company

A solid group constantly moving

More than 40 years of experience guarantee the track record of CuadraBus in the sector. Our service is characterised by the high quality of details and being ahead of the needs of persons.

A complete fleet of adapted buses

“Our branch at Amurrio (Alava), Bergara (Gipuzkoa), Etxeberri (Bizkaia) and the buildings in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Llodio and Agurain-Salvatierra agglutinate our wide range of vehicles that offer private services and regular lines on domestic and international levels.

Forming a fleet, with a majority of vehicle adapted for persons with reduced mobility, with room for 7 to 60 passengers, in regular lines, room for up to 116 passengers in urban busses offering shuttle services, as well as 3 hybrid busses propelled by LPG, a silent and ecologic fuel.”

Training, investment and constant renovation

Training is a priority for the entire CuadraBus organisation, with all personnel following an ongoing training plan in risk prevention, safety and customer attention.

We take special interest in Refresher Courses for drivers, like the CAP (Professional Aptitude Certificate Courses) refresher, once again being in advance of the current regulations.

Investment in sustainable vehicles. Our environment commits us and we invest in sustainable busses like our LPG propelled vehicles, respectful with the environment and less contaminating than petroleum based fuels.

Ongoing renovation of vehicles. In addition, our philosophy aimed at ongoing improvement of our services, leads us to constant renovation of our fleet (average age of only 5 years), adapting to new technologies and technological advances in safety and comfort.

6 locations

Main offices situated in a 3-flight 2,000 square meter building in Amurrio (Alava) on the Zankueta Industrial Estate:

Ground floor: vehicle parking, changing rooms and workshop, and driver’s area
First floor: general offices, training room
Second floor: files

Cuadrabus, bus, coach and minibus company in Vitoria-Gasteiz with a 4,600 square meter building on the Jundiz industrial estate, with offices, changing rooms, drivers area and training, vehicle and machinery parking, as well as repairs workshop.

Our passenger transport company in Bizkaia has a 2,000 square meter building in Etxebarri (Bizkaia) on the Lezama Legizamon estate. This building has offices and changing rooms. In addition to coach washing line, pit, and diesel tank, specialised equipment for maintenance and coach repairs.

From the Cuadrabus branch, a Guipuzkoa coach rental company, in Bergara, we daily manage the Herribusa urban service with 3 LPG gas driven vehicles.

A 2,000 square meter building in Llodio (Alava) on the Gardea Estate with vehicle parking and workshop.

A 1,000 square meter building in Agurain-Salvatierra (Alava) with changing rooms and vehicle parking.

Un referente en el sector del transporte de viajeros

Durante nuestros más de 40 de años de actividad hemos creado distintas empresas en el sector que nos aportan estabilidad y las garantías necesarias para emprender cualquier proyecto.

Introducción en el transporte interurbano

En el año 1987, surge la oportunidad de introducirnos en el sector del transporte interurbano con la adquisición del 100% de la compañía HIJOS DE SEGUNDO ESTIVALES S.A., una empresa de Bizkaia, concesionaria de la línea Orozco>Llodio>Miravalles>Arrigorriaga>Basauri>Bilbao.

En la actualidad, está denominada dentro de la marca Cuadra Bus S.L. y con domicilio en la estación de autobuses de Bilbao.

Nueva oportunidad de crecimiento

En 1991 el Ministerio de Transportes saca a concurso varías líneas regulares, siendo creada BILMAN BUS S.L. la única empresa de transporte con capital vasco que hace líneas de largo recorrido. Tras la licitación BILMAN BUS S.L. es concesionaria de las siguientes líneas regulares: Santander>Bilbao>Vitoria>Logroño a Valencia>Benidorm>
Alicante>La Manga e Irún>San Sebastián>Tolosa>Pamplona a Valencia>Benidorm>Alicante>La Manga.

Creación de VIBASA

También en 1991 surgen otros concursos públicos y junto a una empresa gallega y otra catalana participamos en la creación de las empresa Vigo Barcelona S.A (VIBASA). Vibasa cubre los corredores de País Vasco con Galicia, País Vasco con Cataluña y Galicia con Cataluña.

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