Social Responsibility

We are also moving inside

In Cuadrabus, we work with the objective of contributing to improve our social, economic and environmental surroundings. We are a company that for several years has developed its activity in line with the key points of CSR.

Our clients, collaborators, administration, sectoral agents and local communities related to Cuadrabus have the absolute guarantee and ethical commitment in all our actions.

In line with this, we have achieved certification of the Xertatu-ADI programme, a methodology for diagnosis and ongoing improvement of Corporate Social Responsibility by the Bizkaia Local Government.

We obtain certification of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Xertatu-ADI programme

The Bizkaia Local Government recognises the implementation of the Social Responsibility programme in CuadraBus with the certification of Xertatu-ADI.

The main aim we achieve with this certification is the integration of this methodology in the company management and the inclusion of specific objectives and indicators regarding Social Responsibility in several points of action.

  • The opportunity for innovation, improvement, and change for new demands
  • Completeness: The CSR includes the entire company.
  • Related to our Groups of Interest: transparency, participation, response to expectations

CuadraBus receives the PREMIE Diploma awarded by the Government of Biscay for the improvement of business management

This recognition is given to companies that work to improve the management and move towards the European model of excellence EFQM ( EFQM ). This means that in CuadraBus works to:

  • Improving everyday in relation to our customers and suppliers
  • Relationships with them to be closer and more direct
  • That decision taking process in CuadraBus to be less hierarchical and take note in all processes the voice of our team.

The Reward program is a program of the Department of Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia design for small and medium enterprises. And it is based on the implementation of a system and tools that contribute to the effective management of the company, auditable and verifiable externally.

Active collaboration with ASAFES for more than 5 years

We participate with ASAFES, Alava Association of Families and persons with Mental Illnesses, in the PILA programme that consists of a programme for Supported Occupational Insertion.

The Human Resources team of our organisation has counted on the work and dedication of a person coming from this plan for more than 5 years.

During the relation with ASAFES, CuadraBus has received awards for their collaboration in occupational insertion, as the one received in 2008 as “Collaborating Company”.

We create employment with COCEMFE

Since 2007, we actively collaborate with COCEMFE, the Confederation of Persons with Physical and Organic Disability with the programme of occupational integration of this federation in Bizkaia.

COCEMFE agglutinates, strengthens, shapes and coordinates the efforts and activities of the different entities and companies that work in favour of the persons with physical and organic disability to defend their rights and improve their quality of life.

Over the last two years, we have hired eight people with different disabilities.

Organisation in international fundraising galas in 2010

In September 2010, we collaborated with the celebration of a Fundraising Gala in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao in favour of research organised by the AFA Association of Families of Alzheimer Sufferers in Bizkaia, with the economic contribution of line 0.

We support our local sports

For more than 20 years, we have collaborated with Amurrio Football Club with diverse economic contributions for the maintenance of the club, with our trademark on their equipment for many years.

We sponsor the diverse activities, excursions and routes that the Mountain Club Goikogane de Llodio organises every year.

In addition, we collaborate with the sponsorship of the majority of races organised by the Malato Cycling Club of Luyando and the Amurrio Cycling Club.

Likewise, during July 2010 we collaborated economically with FEKOOR, Federation for the Coordination of Disabled Persons in Bizkaia, in the Organising Committee of the 1st International Open Bilbao Derio of Adapted Table Tennis.

Even receiving a mention of appreciation from the organisation for our work “We want to expressly thank you for the sponsorship that CuadraBus has provided for this important international event and your renewed dedicated commitment for the phenomenon of general disability and, on this occasion, specifically with adapted sports”.

If you are member of any organisation and want us to jointly develop any project, please contact us here.

A tree, our future

We replant autochthonous trees, compensating our environment and taking joint responsibility.