Fleet of Coaches

A modern fleet of vehicle at your disposition

We are specialists in the complete management of large events, coordination and auxiliary personnel in road transport. Likewise, our fleet of busses is adapted for the transport of persons with reduced mobility. A very important part of our service is the vehicles we have in order to guarantee two basic principles of our company, safety and comfort in the transport of passengers.

A complete adapted fleet

Our main centre in Amurrio (Alava) and the buildings in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Etxeberri, Llodi and Agurain-Salvatierra agglutinate our wide range of vehicles at your service.

Forming a fleet with a majority of vehicles adapted for persons with reduced mobility, with room from 7 to 60 passengers, in regular services, and room for up to 116 passengers in urban busses offering shuttle services.

Constant renovation of models

The majority of our coaches, busses and minibuses are either Scania or Mercedes with mainly Irizar and Sunsundegui coachworks, and in the case of the small vehicles with Unvi and Carbus coachworks.

Equipped to ensure comfort and safety

All our vehicles have air conditioning or acclimatisers, reclining seats, anti-roll systems, individual safety belts, video or DVD, public address and mobile phone.