Prizes and Recognitions

We exhibit them proudly

The CuadraBus coach and bus company has been recognised and awarded for its professional track record on several occasions.

The Regional Council of Alava and Bai Euskarari Ziurtagiriaren Elkatera recognises CuadraBus in its 2012 edition of the Lazarraga awards as the entity that is most outstanding for the best use and with more presence of Euskera in its entity.

Fekoor Award for our commitment with disabled persons, in the category of Employment and Social Inclusion. Cuadrabus is the first company of the sector awarded for its implication and promotion of equality of opportunities.

Recognition as Collaborating Company for equality of opportunities between men and women. We are the 1st road transport company in Euskadi recognised as a collaborating company if the Basque Institute for Women, Emakunde.

Award granted by the professionals of the Bus and Coach sector in the category of discretional transport of the Company of the Year 2012.

Certificate of the quality track record of the company. We are the first Basque company to achieve the quality recognition for its services of school, workers, urban and regular lines transport, certified by Aenor.

El Correo has granted José Luis Cuadra the award for business strength 2012. According to the media, “Due to its ongoing work and efforts for improvement, its spirit of fighting and vision of future, especially at the moment of crisis affecting the economy, it is a good show of the best of our society”.

Granted by the Society for Local Development form the Council of Amurrio (Alava) Amurrio Bidean. For her work and great dedication to the growth of CuadraBus.

To the business track record of Jose Luis Cuadra Roqueñi, granted by Asintra.